Meet our Staff

Rev. Adam J. Welton


Pastor Adam J. Welton graduated from Wayne State College in Wayne, NE in 2007. Pastor Welton then moved to Fort Wayne, IN in 2009 with Kayla Welton his wife who was pregnant at the time with their first child to attend Concordia Theological Seminary.

While studying at the CTSFW their first son was born to them. Two years later, in 2011, they moved to Imperial NE to become the vicar at Zion Lutheran Church. While on vicarage their second child a daughter this time would be born to them After returning to CTSFW for a final year of seminary Pastor Welton graduated in May of 2013 and was called to Zion in Presho and Trinity in Reliance, SD where he was ordained and installed on September 01, 2013. It was here in their first call that their final child was born to them.

After spending five years in Presho and Reliance the Lord extended a call to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Wentworth, SD. After prayer and consideration, Pastor Welton accepted the call to serve St. Peter’s in Wentworth, SD as their pastor. He was installed as the current pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Wentworth on January 06, 2017 where he is continuing to serve./ 

Pastor Welton in married to Kayla Welton (Warner) and they have three children: Olerick, Lorelei, and Thatcher. Kayla enjoys homeschooling her children, doing art projects and Jamberries. Pastor Welton also serves as a Volunteer Firefighter with the Wentworth Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and as Lake County Emergency Services Chaplain to all emergency service personal in Lake county. 

Phone: 307-221-1256